• Enabling Property Infrastructure

    & Property Development since 2005

  • With High Safety Standards

    Baobab construction puts safety of its staff and clients as its number one concern.

  • Investing and Adapting

    Unique combined offering of qualified personnel and knowledge of the local laws and customs.

  • The potential of meeting your needs

    Baobab specializes in providing property procurement and construction solutions to its clients.

  • Leasing of prime quality Land
    and Business Premises

    Acquired expertise on sourcing and consulting for major operators.

  • Project Profile & Management

    Planning, cost analysis and turnkey construction of projects including site services.

BAOBAB’s team

of dedicated and experienced personnel enables them to cater for most of their clients property requirements.

Services offered


Enable Property infrastructure

Project profile for clients

Invest and Adapt

Turnkey construction

Leasing of land and Business Premises

Industrial Sites and Warehouses

Customized industrial site development


Promote mutually beneficial business relations

Business integrity

Safety, Quality & Flexibility

Staff Upskilling



  • Boabab employs 32 permanent employees and have a temporary labour force of at lease 70 employees at any...

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  • Baobab is involved with the oil and gas industry in Northern Mozambique. They currently operate...

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  • Baobab adheres to the high standards of their international clients as well as those required by Mozambican law.

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BAOBAB Aggregates has granted concessions for river sand and rock extraction. Providing crushed stone for landscape, roads and construction needs. More...

Partners with competitive and innovative suppliers experient in many African countries.
BAOBAB provides complete customisation of pre-engineered metallic buildings, committed to the industries best practice and the highest certification quality and standards. Check out our work
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